Briget Boyle

Briget Boyle

Pro vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and educator with a passion for teaching and performing

Charles Pariente | Guitar Lessons in Lafayette, CA

Charles Pariente

Session guitarist, producer and songwriter with over two decades of experience and a BA from Berklee College of Music

Daniel Nervo

Professional guitarist who plays with top Bay Area bands and divides his time between gigging, recording, and teaching

Jessica Winn

Professional vocalist, pianist and educator with 20 years of music experience and a masters from SF Conservatory

Paige Patrick

A professional vocalist, music educator and vocal coach with a passion for great singing in multiple styles and techniques

Ryan Ayres

Composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with a Master’s degree from the Peabody Institute

Tim DeCillis

Pro session drummer and guitarist who plays rock, pop, jazz, classical percussion and a variety of world music styles

Will Griffin

A Performing and Recording Pianist, Keyboardist and Producer who worked with Grammy winning musicians