Charles Pariente | Guitar Lessons in Lafayette, CA

Charles Pariente

Session guitarist, producer and songwriter with over two decades of experience and a BA from Berklee College of Music

Daniel Nervo

Professional guitarist who plays with top Bay Area bands and divides his time between gigging, recording, and teaching

Harry Egan - Music Lessons in Lafayette, CA | ModernTone Studios

Harry Egan

Classically trained vocalist, pianist and music producer with a degree from Berklee College of Music

Jessica Winn

Professional vocalist, pianist and educator with 20 years of music experience and a masters from SF Conservatory

Luca Brown

Guitarist, music producer, songwriter and session musician with a passion for rock, country, jazz, R&B, hip-hop and more

Mandy Burke

A professional performing vocalist who is experienced in multiple styles including classical, jazz and pop

Paige Patrick

A professional vocalist, music educator and vocal coach with a passion for great singing in multiple styles and techniques

Tim DeCillis

Pro session drummer who plays rock, pop and jazz drums, as well as classical percussion and a variety of world music styles

Will Griffin

A Performing and Recording Pianist, Keyboardist and Producer who worked with Grammy winning musicians