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ModernTone Studios is a state of the art recording and teaching facility in Lafayette, CA. It is a truly unique place that caters to beginners, intermediate students, and advanced players who are looking to go pro. Run by performing artists and musicians who specialize in a wide variety of styles and genres, ModernTone aims to provide professional instruction, guidance, and support that empower people to realize and fulfill their potential and achieve their musical dreams. Whether you are a child or an adult, a casual player or an aspiring musician, we would love to share our passion, experience, and knowledge with you.

Welcome to ModernTone Studios. Let’s Play!

Pro Musicians

Music is our love, our passion, and our trade. We have spent decades studying, practicing, and mastering this craft, eventually turning it into our livelihood. We rehearse regularly to stay on top of our game, follow industry trends and fashions, exchange ideas with other musicians constantly and strive to get better every single day.

Easy and Flexible

We are open 7 days a week, offer a wide variety of complimentary services and let you book, manage, reschedule and cancel your lessons and recording  sessions anytime from your phone or computer. You can also choose how and when you’d like to pay, adjust your appointment frequency as you go and interact with us in multiple ways.

360° Music Education

  • Extracurricular group lessons and courses
  • Custom curriculum w/multiple instructors
  • Help with maintenance and instrument care
  • Gear advice: pedals, parts, strings, etc.

After Lesson Support

Practicing is where most students struggle the most. A small misunderstanding can sometimes lead to a week’s worth of frustrating practicing sessions. Luckily, we are here to help! Call, text, IM or email us with your question, and we promise to get back to you that same day.

Kick Ass Studios

Our teaching and recording studios have all been built from the ground up with acoustics and soundproofing in mind. We handpick all of our amps, instruments, and accessories, and pride ourselves with using high-quality equipment that is made in the USA.

The Secret Ingredient

While each of us first got into teaching for various reasons, we all kept doing it for the same one: we absolutely love it! Sharing the gift of music with others is immensely rewarding and honestly feels great. It’s a labor of love, and it shows in the way we teach.

Become a regular

Our monthly lesson plans are designed for committed students who take lessons regularly. You will be charged once a month for your lessons and receive a personal code to use for scheduling.

Missed a lesson? Couldn’t make it this month? No worries! Your unused lessons roll-over from month to month so you will never be charged for lessons that you did not attend (just don’t forget to let us know 48 hours in advance).

2 lessons

60 min. each, any instrument or subject
$140 per month

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4 lessons

60 min. each, any instrument or subject
$280 per month

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8 lessons

60 min. each, any instrument or subject
$560 per month

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