There is no set time limit on when you decide to learn an instrument or take music lessons. Learning a new skill can change a lot of things about your life and even give you a hobby you truly enjoy. If you have been waiting to give music a try, there’s nothing stopping you.

It Will Make You Feel Good

Simply put, music makes people feel good. You want to get up and dance, or listen to something to relax you, or help you cope with your emotions when you listen to music. Sometimes you probably think, “I’d like to do that too.” That’s where lessons come in. If you want to take music lessons as an adult there is no limit on age. From 3 to 103 and beyond, you can pick up an instrument and start learning it.

There’s a certain confidence boost to being able to learn a new skill. If you want to expand your horizons as a person and a potential musician, it’s great to start taking lessons.

It Promotes Brain Activity

It’s easy to get locked into rote tasks at your job and become stuck in routines so by adding an activity as an adult, like learning guitar or piano, could be a nice shake up for your routine. Learning music can light up different parts of your brain than you’re used to and has been proven to release dopamine. Happy chemicals are always good.

Music is an activity that you can learn at any age and with any intent. If you want to try to become a virtuoso, or just want to play your favorite songs, there is a teacher that can help guide you through it.

Taking lessons can help you reignite your passion for music. Some people take decade-long breaks before coming back to an instrument.

You Can Brush Up On Your Skills

Did you play guitar when you were younger but fell away from it for a while? Taking lessons can help you reignite your passion for music. Some people take decade-long breaks before coming back to an instrument. It’s not quite as simple as riding a bike, but people do it and you could be one of them!

Whether you’re looking to play an instrument after not picking one up for a while, you’d be surprised how much muscle memory you can retain. It may be way easier than you think.

Where Do I Start Taking Music Lessons as an Adult

You can do a Google search in your area for music schools and even rare hybrid recording studio-music studios like ModernTone Studios in Lafayette, California. They offer music lessons in piano, voice, guitar, drums, music theory, and music production.

If you want to then take your lessons to the next level, you can move into the studio’s state-of-the-art facility right near your lesson room. Musicians of all levels are always coming in and out of ModernTone. You never know who you could meet and connect with.

Ready to play?

You can take private music lessons at any age, level, and understanding of music here at ModernTone Studios. Choose between in-person sessions at our Bay Area music studio or play in the comfort of your own home through live remote lessons. Wherever you want to be and however you want to learn, come unlock your full musical potential  and be the kind of musician you always wanted to be.

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