First thing’s first, there is no age limit on singing. You can sing at any age and at any time for any reason really. Since your instrument is already built into your body, you’re already halfway to learning how to sing. Here are some tips on how to start your singing journey at any age.

1. Figure Out Your Goal

What is your motivation for singing? Is it something you enjoy doing in the car? Do you want to perform for people? Do you want to start a band? Singing is something that creates joy in both the performer and listeners’ lives. So, if you want to sing, start by just making the decision to try.

If you want to do something like perform for your friends or start a band, the next step for you would probably be figuring out what kind of music you like and what kind of singer you want to be. By studying other artists, you can discover what you like and what you don’t. That will lead you to being able to perform or start writing your own music.

A great teacher will be able to teach any kind of music for any kind of person at any kind of level.

2. Explore Taking Lessons

If you’re looking for some structure around your singing hobby, lessons are a great way to learn proper technique, hold yourself accountable, and learn new things every week. Lessons have a lot of appeal for groups of all ages. Students can pick up new techniques, see where their aptitude lies, and connect with another musician on all the things you love about music.

Taking lessons can be your time to enjoy something that isn’t normally part of your routine. Singing is good for you and lessons will help get you to a place you’re proud of in your singing journey.

3. Search for the Right Teacher

What area are you in? Are there teachers that offer singing lessons near you? For example, if you live in Oakland, California, there are probably a lot of teachers in your area, but you’ll want to do research to find the right one for you. Some teachers specialize in certain genres, styles, or types of voices.

A great teacher will be able to teach any kind of music for any kind of person at any kind of level. There are some voice lesson options in Lafayette, California that can give you the best skill set for your goals and learning style.

Want a fool-proof way to snag a great voice teacher? Check out their Yelp reviews. It may seem a bit old school, but when it comes to voice or any kind of music lessons, what students think and feel matters. Most likely, if they have good Yelp reviews and you see some similarities in what you want to learn, you’ll be able to find a better match than cold searching on Google.

Singing releases endorphins and can help with your emotions as well as things like your posture and presence.

4. Take Care of Your Voice

It’s easy to hurt your voice when you first start singing. If you get a vocal coach or voice teacher, they can teach you how to keep your voice healthy, warm up properly, and get the most out of your personal voice as a singer.

Make sure you always drink water before, during, and after you sing to keep your instrument maintained if you’re taking voice lessons or singing a lot more than normal.

Vocal coaches can give you specific input on options for you as they get to know your voice through teaching you. Some voices respond to certain things better than others. Seeing a professional is the best situation if you’re trying to get serious about singing.

5. Have Fun

Singing is about one thing: fun! Enjoying the process of learning to sing at any age has tons of benefits, but it really comes down to you wanting to learn. If you’re able to figure out your goals, study your favorite music, see where you want to take lessons, and find a great teacher – you’ll be on your way.

Singing releases endorphins and can help with your emotions as well as things like your posture and presence. You never know, something you learn in singing lessons could help you in your work environment, meetings, and relationships.

Music is supposed to be fun. So, if you want to start learning how to sing as an adult, you have all the tools to begin.

Ready to sing?

You can take private voice lessons at any age, level, and understanding of music here at ModernTone Studios. Choose between in-person sessions at our Bay Area music studio or sing in the comfort of your own home through live remote lessons. Wherever you want to be and however you want to learn, come unlock your full musical potential and become the singer you always wanted to be.

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