We offer professional guitar repair and maintenance services for acoustic, electric and bass guitars. We do setups, fret and body work, cosmetic and structural repairs, electronics and more.

Our in-house tech is Michael Drasin, founder of East Bay Guitar Repair and an experienced guitar pro. Michael used to work at San Francisco Guitarworks before opening his own shop in Emeryville. He is endorsed by Streit Stringed Instrument Repair, the Starving Musician, the California Jazz Conservatory, Raritan Bay Guitar Repair, Electronic Audio Repair Services, and the House of Woodwinds.

Guitar repairs and consultations take place in our newly renovated studios in Lafayette, CA right off the freeway. We have a private parking lot, and street parking is plentiful. We are less than a mile away from Lafayette BART, and the over is perfect for walking or cycling.

Whether you just need a setup on your new Stratocaster, or a neck reset for your pre-World War II Martin – we have you covered.

Includes conditioning fretboard, polishing frets, tightening and securing hardware, cleaning electronics, setting truss rod relief, matching saddle radius to match fretboard radius, adjusting string height at the nut, intonating, pickup balancing, and body cleaning.

Fret Level & Dress
Level uneven frets, correct fret-plane radius, establish fret crown. This includes a setup.

Remove old frets, radius fretboard to match fret-plane radius, hammer or press in new frets, and round fret ends. This includes a fret level and dress and a setup.

Nuts & Saddles
Can be made out of bleached or unbleached bone, Tusq, corian, brass, or aluminum. We can also make Buzz Feiten compensated nuts.

Volume, tone, and blend pot replacement and upgrades.

Replacement, rewiring, and rewinding for electric and acoustic instruments.

Coil tap/splitting
In/out of phase
Treble bleeds
Jack replacement
​Acoustic pickup installation

Circuitry and control configurations can be customized to any degree

Cracked headstocks, Strap button installation and repairs, Routing, Tuner replacement, Neck Resets, Bridge re-attachment, Crack and split repair, Binding and pickguard repair, ​Finish touchup, Complete refinishing, Side dot and inlay repair and replacement.

We use D’addario strings, CTS potentiometers, Orange drop capacitors, and hardware from AllParts, Stewmac, Floyd Rose, Gibson, and Fender.

The fret and fingerboard conditioner we use is made in-house. The only other shop using it is the originator, Raritan Bay Guitar Repair in New Jersey. EBGR has experimented with almost every possible method of fret polishing and are confident that our way is the best way. Nobody has shinier frets.

If you want to use parts that we don’t have, we’ll get them for you — whether they’re new or hard to find vintage parts.


Your Tech

Michael Drasin

East Bay Guitar Repair

Michael studied at the Eastern School of Fretted Instrument repair in Freehold, New Jersey under luthiers CJ Civitano, Kyle Roggendorf (Hot Water Music, Gaslight Anthem, Bouncing Souls, Jack Frost, BoySetsFire, and Vision), and Sonny Kenn, who was named as one of Asbury Park’s legends by Bruce Springsteen.

He worked for several reputable repair shops in the Bay Area, before making East Bay Guitar Repair his main focus, which was initially started in 2016. Mike belongs to the Guild of American Luthiers and is up to date on the latest techniques, tools, and innovations in the field of luthiery.

Michael is Contra Costa County’s only Buzz Feiten Authorized Retrofitter and the only East Bay Area/Contra Costa County repairmen active in the Guild of American Luthiers. He also belongs to the Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans.